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2016 Note: This list is rather out-of-date (Google reader, anyone?), I’m not going to update this page anymore – I’ll make an alternative, more relevant one to replace, and keep this one archived as a record. 


I’ve written about how Twitter can be useful as a professional development tool, but the real in-depth debates and discussions happen on blogs – Here’s me and Mike Harrison discussing how best to get CPD Online:

Below is a list of blogs sorted into categories, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The sheer number of them leads to an obvious question – if there are so many good blogs out there, how can you keep up with them all? As with Twitter it pays to be selective and to use some tools to help you manage the wave of information.

Blog Readers

The first thing worth setting up is a blog reader – these bring all the new posts into one place. I use Google reader, a decision made more on the basis that it is from Google than any objective criteria – you may well find a better example.

List of Blog Readers

The advantage of this is that you don’t have to visit loads of different websites to read posts – they are all in one place. It is worth setting up folders to manage different categories of blogs especially if you subscribe to a large number of them. To subscribe to blogs you need to find their RSS feeds – this isn’t as tricky or technical as it sounds – and there’s a guide here: http://www.problogger.net/what-is-rss/

Mobile Apps

Another benefit of these readers is that they can be set to sync with mobile devices, which comes in very handy if you spend a lot of time commuting. Again there are loads of apps which can do this – I use Byline for iOS which allows me to download the newest 250 posts from the blogs I subscribe to on to my iPod or iPad, which I can then read offline during the time I spend negotiating London’s public transport system. The ad-supported version of Byline is free, and does all I need, but there is a paid-for version which strips out the ads. There are loads more apps available for iOS and Android, so it’s worth finding out which you like best.

Blog Reader Apps

Another app, which is less useful but cooler than Byline for the iPad is Flipboard, which presents the posts from your subscribed blogs in a flip-page magazine format, however it isn’t as good as Byline for offline reading.


I’ve put the blogs into categories – click to jump to each

Further Education

ESOL Blogs

http://www.mikejharrison.com London-based ESOL teacher, blogs on ESOL and EdTech (@harrisonmike on Twitter)

http://mistermikelcc.blogspot.com/ ESOL Lecturer based in Leeds (which seems to be a bit of an ESOL hotbed)

http://leafturned.wordpress.com/ Blog from a NYC based ESL (ESOL) teacher (@laflecha)

http://simplycrackinggoodstories.wordpress.com/ Project at Newcastle College to create fiction for ESOL learners to read.

http://esletc.com/index.php – A blog for bringing global issues into the ESL classroom.

http://ritasimsan.wordpress.com/ – US based ESL blog

http://longsightesol.blogspot.com/ – A Blog for ESOL students in Manchester

http://gemmateaches.wordpress.com/ – Blog from Yorkshire based ESOL/Functional Skills lecturer

http://annarose03.typepad.com/blog/ – Excellent blog full of ideas for ESOL teaching

http://paulseltjournal.blogspot.com/ – Reflections from a Reading (Berks not Books…) -based ESOL lecturer

http://esolteachingreflections.blogspot.com/ – Reflections from a (then) trainee ESOL lecturer

http://chrisspeck.wordpress.com/ – Series of ESL/EFL/ESOL/IELTS lesson plans

http://the-pln-staff-lounge.blogspot.com/ Blog on Teaching from Sue of esolcourses.com

http://bromleytraining.wordpress.com/ – Inhouse blog to support ESOL staff at Bromley College (maintained by @harrisonmike)

http://samuelshep.wordpress.com/ – A Blog from Sam Shepherd – trainer and ESOL lecturer at Kirklees College

http://kcdtells.posterous.com/ – Blog for trainees on DT(E)LLS course at Kirklees College.

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Literacy & Numeracy Blogs

http://www.acljohn.com/functional-skills.php – Comprehensive list of links and useful resources for teaching in Further Education.

http://www.diplomaresources.info/ – Blog from Guroo – producers of resources for Functional Skills

http://functionalskills.blogspot.com/Another Blog from Guroo – producers of resources for Functional Skills

http://jasonrenshaw.typepad.com/jason_renshaws_web_log/ – Blog from Jason Renshaw – ELT expert now working teaching vocational English in an Australian TAFE.

http://johart1.edublogs.org/ Blog from a literacy, IT and Numeracy practitioner in an Australian TAFE

http://skillsworkshop.blogspot.com/ – Ideas from Maggie, creator of the Skills Workshop website

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Other FE/Vocational Education Blogs

http://vle.barkingcollege.ac.uk/techblog/ EdTech Blog maintained at Barking and Dagenham College (East London/Essex)

http://e-blahblah.com/ Fantastic EdTech blog, based in Central London Adult Education provider

http://elearningstuff.wordpress.com/ – Ed tech blog from James Clay (ALT Learning Technologist of the Year 2009) at Gloucester College.

http://graemeboxwell.co.uk/ – Blog from an education technologist in a UK FE College

http://davefoord.wordpress.com/ – Great blog on technology in the UK FE sector

http://acljohn.posterous.com/ E-Learning blog from John Dalziel – UK based e-learning consultant

http://sukhwantlota.blogspot.com/ Blog from Sukhwant Lota, Moodle administrator at Leeds City College

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#ukedchat Blogs

http://daviderogers.blogspot.com/ – Blog from a secondary school geography teacher showing how he uses technology to enhance learning for his learners.

http://janwebb21.primaryblogger.co.uk/ – A great blog from a primary school teacher and ICT consultant, exploring the issues around IT in education.

http://ianaddison.net/ – Another UK Primary ICT blog – full of ideas.

http://www.mrsnat.com/ – general reflections on primary school teaching

http://rogerneilson.edublogs.org/ – reflections on technology in education.

http://lisibo.blogspot.com/– Blog with ideas for teaching modern foreign languages in primary schools.

http://technostories.wordpress.com/ – Blog about using technology in primary school.

http://blog.timothyjefferson.com/ – Blog about using technology to teach maths

http://mrmitchell.heathfieldcps.net/ – Blog from a primary deputy head teacher.

http://chickensaltash.edublogs.org/ – Excellent Edtech blog from a school in Cornwall

http://ianaddison.net/ – Another UK Primary ICT blog – full of ideas.

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Educational Technology Blogs

Tips, Tricks and Tools

http://ilearntechnology.com/ – A very slick blog from @ktkenley an educational technology consultant working in the US – lots of classroom ideas can be had here.

http://www.jamiekeddie.com/ – A source of great ideas, especially around the use of video and images in teaching maintained by Jamie Keddie (@cheimi10 on Twitter)

http://blog.lessonstream.org/ – A new(ish) blog from Jamie Keddie’s new(ish) project

http://web20classroom.blogspot.com/ – An edtech blog from a secondary maths teacher based in North Carolina

http://nikpeachey.blogspot.com/ – Blog from EdTech guru Nik Peachey

http://digitaltoolsforteachers.blogspot.com/ – Blog on Educational Technologies from an Australian Secondary school teacher.

http://sociallearningonline.wordpress.com/ – Blog on social media in UK lifelong learning.

http://traveloteacher.blogspot.com/index.html – Croatian based EFL/EdTech blog

http://nativeclassroom.blogspot.com/ EdTech blog from US High School Science teacher.

http://www.johannesahrenfelt.com/blog/ – Blog from UK-based EdTech expert.

http://mobileesl.blogspot.com/ Blog focussing on ESL and M-Learning kept by David Read (University of Sheffield)

http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/ – A blog with loads of great ideas for using Interactive Whiteboards in Class and keeping up to date with the latest software from the likes of Smart and Promethean.

http://www.boxoftricks.net/ – A huge great comprehensive site with loads of resources – all kinds of stuff to do with using technology in Education (UK based).

http://thewhiteant.wordpress.com/ – Posts on Technology for the classroom.

http://www.oliverquinlan.co.uk/blog/ – Great ideas for using technology in the classroom – focussed on schools.

http://ideasforteachers.wordpress.com/ – Australian blog with plenty of ideas for including technology in the classroom

http://ericbaber.com/blog/ – Techblog looking at how hardware can be used in class.

http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/ – A great guide of things to think of when designing e-learning courses.

http://ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org/ – A Blog from Ozge Karaoglu in Turkey.

http://learningblog.org/ – E-learning blog from a secondary school in Bristol.

http://blogs.rsc-wales.ac.uk/ Blog from Welsh E-learning support centre.

http://web2optimist.blogspot.com/ – E-learning blog from Donna Hay, a Bristol-based ICT teacher.

http://arcall.blogspot.com/ Blog looking at use of educational technology in Argentina

http://blog.matbury.com/ – Blog from Moodle sage Mat Bury

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Tech Reflections

http://slife.dudeney.com/ – Blog on technology in education by Gavin Dudeney of the Consultants-E

http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/ Maintained by the inspirational @ShellTerrell, reflections on EdTech and 21st Century Teaching – You have to read this blog

http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/ Blog from Stephen Downes, Canadian Educationalist

http://heutagogicarchive.wordpress.com/ – Reflections on open learning

http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/ – Academic thoughts on e-learning and edtech

http://blogs.worldbank.org/edutech/ – EdTech blog from the World Bank.

http://tomwhitby.wordpress.com – Musings on the realities of 21st Century teaching from the US.

http://www.tonybates.ca/ – Strategy in E-Learning from a Canadian based blog.

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Instructional Design

http://www.saffroninteractive.com/blog/ – Blog from commercial e-learning provider – lots of ideas for instructional designers

http://stephaniededhar.wordpress.com/ – Blog from an e-learning designer/author

http://www.innovativeict.net/welcome/ – – Commercial EdTech blog

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ELT Blogs

http://scottthornbury.wordpress.com/ – Blog from the Dogme-king and Grammar expert Scott Thornbury

http://lukemeddings.posterous.com/ – Blog from Luke Meddings – looking at the Dogme end of the ELT spectrum.

http://oupeltglobalblog.com/ – Blog from Oxford University Press featuring many interesting posts from others on this blog roll.

http://www.tefl.net/alexcase/ – General TEFL blog

http://www.livesofteachers.com/ – Blog on ELT, based in Japan – also features podcasts with interviews with luminaries of the ELT field, such as Scott Thornbury.

http://sabridv.wordpress.com/ – Reflections on issues in ELT – Based in Buenos Aires

http://kenwilsonelt.wordpress.com/ – Various reflections on EFL teaching from Ken Wilson.

http://jeremyharmer.wordpress.com/ Blog from Jeremy Harmer (EFL author)

http://teachertrainingunplugged.wordpress.com/ – A spin out from the legendary DOGME Yahoo group.

http://fifthbiz.blogspot.com/ Spain-based EdTech blog

http://sjhannam.edublogs.org/ Reflections on teaching English (and life) in Greece.

http://mobileesl.blogspot.com/ Blog focussing on ESL and M-Learning kept by David Read (University of Sheffield)

http://burcuakyol.com/ – Blog from Turkey by Burcu Akyol, organiser of the ISTEK conferences in Istanbul.

http://eltconsultant.wordpress.com/ – A blog looking at technology and other issues in English teaching from Eduardo Trinidade in Brazil.

http://marisaconstantinides.edublogs.org/ – Fascinatng blog from Marisa Constantides a teacher and trainer based in Greece.

http://www.netend.pl/blog/ – An interesting blog from Poland focused on Young Learners.

http://sixthings.net/ – Collection of musings on language and teaching from Lindsay Clandfield

http://authenticteaching.wordpress.com/ – Deep reflections from Willy Cardoso in São Paulo and the UK.

http://tefltecher.wordpress.com/ – A great blog from Ian James, a TEFL te(a)cher in Spain.

http://blog-efl.blogspot.com/ – Blog from @Grahamstanley – Reflections on technology in education

http://evasimkesyan.edublogs.org/ Turkey-based Tefl blog.

http://www.talktotheclouds.com/ Blog from Clarissa (@talkclouds) in Japan.

http://viewsfromthewhiteboard.edublogs.org/ – Blog from Teresa Bestwick, based in Spain (@TeresaBestwick) on Twitter)

http://teacherdudebbq.blogspot.com/ – A window into teaching in Greece, reporting on the changing situation there.

http://strictly4myteacherz.wordpress.com/ Reflections from an EFL teacher based in Spain.

http://jezuden.edublogs.org/ – Blog centred around getting EFL learners interested in books – The EFL Literary Café – Maintained by Jez Uden, an EFL teacher based in Lincoln.

http://www.vickihollett.com/ – Blog about the peculiarities of American English – as seen by an expat Brit in Philadelphia

http://www.sabendoquasetudo.blogspot.com/ Reflections from a Polish English teacher in Brazil

http://nz2argentina.edublogs.org/ Reflections from a New Zealand teacher in Argentina.

http://micronarratives.blogspot.com/ – Interesting blog looking at language school management.

http://www.widgets-hq.com/ – Blog from Marco Benevides on Task-based learning approaches.

http://www.yearinthelifeofanenglishteacher.com/ – Intriguing blog from EFL teacher in Turkey

http://bcnpaul1.blogspot.com/ – Blog from barefoot teaching guru Paul Braddock in Barcelona

http://chiasuanchong.wordpress.com/ – Deep and insightful musing on ELT

http://geekyteacher.wordpress.com/ – Blog from Argentina-based Anglophile English teacher

http://shaunwilden.com/ – Blog from #eltchat big cheese Shaun Wilden

http://hoprea.wordpress.com/ – Brasilia based teacher/manager Henrik Oprea’s blog

http://richardteachesenglish.blogspot.com/ -Blog from Manchester/Spain based ELT teacher Richard Whiteside

http://coffeeaddict.edublogs.org/ – Norwegian working in Turkey – reflections on primary English teaching

http://cecilialcoelho.wordpress.com/ Fascinating blog from Ceci in Recife, Brazil

http://kalinago.blogspot.com/ – Blog from Karenne Sylvester – PLN Queen

http://www.teachingvillage.org/ A blog to make you think from Barbara Sakamoto, based in Japan

http://vickyloras.wordpress.com/ – Thought-provoking reflections on teaching from Vicky Loras

http://emmaherrod.com/category/blog/ – Ideas for teaching from Emma Herrod.

http://linguisticconsultancy.blogspot.com/ A blog based in Argentina

http://anita-kwiatkowska.blogspot.com/ – A great blog from a Polish EFL teacher, working in Turkey.

http://rliberni.wordpress.com/ – Blog from @Rlberni – including #Edchat summaries

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MFL Blogs

http://mfljones.wordpress.com – Resources for Spanish/MFL teachers

http://beyondthepier.com/ – Blog about using technology in the school language classroom

http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/ – Blog on using ICT in the langauge classroom – plentry of relevance for ESOL tutors as well.

http://changing-phase.blogspot.com/ – A Primary MFL Blog

http://mmeduckworth.blogspot.com/ – A Primary French Blog from Canada

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Blog lists

http://www.citycol.com/basic_skills/Blogs.htm – From Manchester City College

http://stgesol.sydneyinstitute.wikispaces.net/ESOL+blogs+&+wikis – From Sydney TAFE (Australia)

https://smc-pd.wikispaces.com/examples+of+ESOL+blogs+and+wikis – list of Blogs relevant for ESOL/ESL teachers.

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Blogs for learners

http://www.readableblog.com/ – A blog for leaners from Clarissa (@talkclouds).

http://daily-english-activities.blogspot.com/ from Nik Peachey (@nikpeachey)

http://how2learnenglish.blogspot.com/ aimed at Business English users, run by PLN Queen Karenne Sylvester

http://cerij.wordpress.com/ – Blog from Ceri in Andalucia

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Blogs en otras lenguas/Blogs en alte lingue/ Blogs en outras linguas

http://www.didatticaduepuntozero.org/ Blog che parla di la technologia in la educazione (in italiano)

http://eclipsi.wordpress.com/ – Bloc que parla sobre las xarxes socials i eines de comunicació digital en la educació (en català)

http://www.turemanso.com.ar/ – Blog sobre e-learning in Argentina

http://clarion.mudejarico.es/ – Blog sobre la pedagogía de hoy y el uso del TIC (desde España)

http://zarcoenglish-tooloftheday.blogspot.com/ um blog em português com distintos ferrmentos pra a aula – esrito por Alex Francisco em Portugal. Foi pensado pras profes lusofónicos que querem ler dos avanços na educação sem que lem inglês.

http://discentia.blogspot.com/ – un blog de un profe de dibujo en Canarias con pensamientos sobre la educación contemporanea.

http://www.educdoscero.com/ – un blog argentino que habla de tecnología y educación – la autora esta en el proyecto educ.ar

http://www.pgsimoes.net/blog/ – Blog em português sobe inglês para defesa

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Misc/Unsorted Blogs

http://www.theteacherscorner.net/ – Free lesson plans

50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders – What it says…

http://linguallyspeaking.wordpress.com/ – An interesting blog on linguistics

http://thespellingblog.blogspot.com/ – Blog on teaching spelling.

http://www.teachingnews.co.uk/ News about Education in the UK




http://www.thenewhead.co.uk/ – Blog from a UK Primary Headteacher

http://www.wbl-shots.org.uk/ – Work based learning blog & podcasts

http://collablogatorium.blogspot.com/ – Blog from Carla Arena in Brazil






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23 thoughts on “Teaching Blogs

  1. Great list! A bunch of these are already on my blogroll, and I see more I may have to add there, or at least to my feed reader!

    I have an ELT blog, http://www.talktotheclouds.com/
    It incorporates ESL, EFL, and edtech topics, as well as lifestyle and other issues. 🙂 If you think it’s worth including, I’d be thrilled.

    I also have a blog for ESL/EFL learners, http://www.readableblog.com/
    It’s mostly meant to present posts that they can read at a lower-intermediate level, as well as occasional other content.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

      1. Thanks! Yes, I’d love to check out more good blogs for learners and link to them from mine. It’s hard to find the sincere ones among all the really terrible for-pay sites (not that there aren’t good pay sites, but…).

  2. Hey Phil
    A great list of blogs and some really handy resources – I hadn’t heard of Byline before but will be getting it on my mobile – seems a good way to keep up with posts. I’ve found Scoop.it to be really useful as well and starting to find google+ a bit less ‘noisy’! Cheers also for mentioning my blog 🙂
    Hope you’re enjoying the summer

    1. I’ve found Byline really useful – mainly because it’s painful to do anything web-related with my phone and I can just put that on my iPod, download a load of posts and then read them when I’m out and about. If you’ve got a decent mobile internet connection it might not be so essential.

      I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Reeder – never tried it myself (there doesn’t seem to be a free trial version), I think it’s supposed to have a very intuitive interface – the jey is just to find one that works for you…

      I need to investigate scoop.it – I keep hearing good things about it – I thought it was like those paper.li things that clog up my twitter feed and never get looked at – but it seems to have more to it. As to Google plus – it looks interesting, but it needs to find (or more likely ‘have found for it’) a niche otherwise people will just get bored with it – I’m playing around with it at the moment and I can’t seen any major flaws – just not sure exactly what it adds…

  3. Wow that is one heck of a list ;-p

    Some of my favourites are up there so was very flattered to discover my blog was on there as well thank you 🙂

    Looking forward to finding some spare moments to explore some of the blogs on there I haven’t come across yet.

    Thanks for sharing!

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