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ESOL/ESL Specific Resources – Good resources for ESOL/ESL – Blogged here and here. – Online resources for beginner ESOL learners created by Gail Treves Brown. Also includes activities to develop basic IT skills. –  a recently re-designed website with loads of resources for ESOL/ESL, Adult Literacy, Numeracy as well as resources contextualised for vocational education. – Adult Learning Online Scotland, resources for ESOL, Adult Literacy and Numeracy produced by Learning and Teaching Scotland. Selection of online ESOL resources (quizzes and listening exercises) maintained by Sue Lyon-Jones – Does exactly what it says in the URL – Media Libary of Teaching Skills for adult learning and literacy – Canadian website with loads of links to ESL resources (also available in French) – Australian website for developing spelling and reading skills

EAP Resources

EAP Resources link page from University of Lancaster – This page has links to general EAP resources (including those produced at Lancaster), Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking resources as well as online dictionaries.

Goldsmiths College in London has created some Moodle courses on Academic Writing which allow guest access. The available courses are: Essay Writing, Writing Accurately, Report Writing and Listening to Course Lectures.

The University of Victoria (Canada) has a number of activities for learners at different levels:

Victoria University (Australia) has a large number of links for EAP study. Categories include: General, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Presentation Skills, Pronunciation Practice, Style Guides, News Online, Spelling, Idioms and others.

Using English for Academic Purposes – A Guide for Students in Higher Education – A resource supported by BALEAP which has exercises for learners to access as well as links to other resources.

Resources from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Categories include: Proficiency exercises and games, Participating in academic discussions, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Web Materials, Developing academic writing skills, Giving oral presentations, Grammar, Vocabulary, Using sources in academic writing, Organising academic texts, Achieving an academic writing style.

Academic Writing exercises from the University of Southampton.

 Teaching materials based on the Michagan Corpus of Academic Spoken English (MICASE)

Tim John’s EAP Page presents research and materials for EAP.

Audio/Video Resources & Ideas Video exercises for ESOL and Citizenship students (strong UK focus), maintained by City College Leeds and School of Education, University of Leeds. – Teaching with YouTube – Video resources for ESOL Videos demonstrating a number of different resources from Russell Stannard – Great resource for practising pronunciation – Example video from Russel Stannard here: English Central.

EdTech Resources – Examples of applications of Web 2.0 tools for teaching, maintained by Guido an EFL teacher based in Seville blogged here Ed-Tech news and resources from BECTA (UK) Resources from commercial EdTech developers loads of EdTech resources, from a guy called Paul.

Misc Resources – Huge collection of EFL resources from Macmillan, some content only for paid subscribers, but also loads of free resources. – Blogged here. More of a blog… but lots of resources here – Huge page full of useful links – This intriguing resource creates lesson objectives…

British National Corpus – Brought to my attention through my studies of translation,  this should be of great use to higher level English language learners.

Red Cross Lessons – Topical lessons from the British Red Cross. – Football-related lesson ideas and content from the British Council. – immense set of links to do with education – From Pearson Longman – Set of online (or printable) mindmap ideas. – A huge repository of teaching resources and ideas from the British Council – aimed at teachers. – A repository of self-access materials for learners of English, from the British Council.

Functional Skills Resources


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