Learners selling themselves: Functional Skills for Construction (and other courses)

'Find the 2 Construction workers' by europeaantje (Creative Commons via ELTpics on Flickr)
‘Find the 2 Construction workers’ by europeaantje (Creative Commons via ELTpics on Flickr)

Construction Literacy?

I have supported a number of construction students at the college where I work. When supporting these learners’ literacy skills, it can be difficult to find relevant contexts to enable them to practice writing skills, If anyone has any ideas, I’d love it if you could add them in the comments section below.

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Traffic Light CV

Should I stay or should I go?
Just hope your learners are a bit more decisive than this…

Non-linear writing

Some texts are easy – you start at the beginning, and you end at the end – but are there loads of texts where it’s much better to start somewhere else – sometimes that’s in reading (you could try something like this: Argos lesson). However, here I want to look at texts that are written in a non-linear way.

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Presenting….. ESOL News

Reflect Workshop
Reflect Workshop

This post is to present a project I’ve been helping with: ESOL News has come from Reflect ESOL and Action for ESOL. Most of content had already been written by ESOL teachers and learners in London, but I was asked to add an online aspect to it, which you can see at www.esolnews.org Continue reading “Presenting….. ESOL News”

Collaborative writing – Etherpad back from the flames

This post follows my musings on IATEFL last month, and is also perhaps inspired by the flurry of posts looking at technology in education:

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YouTube Dictation

The only way is up

This blog has been a bit sparse recently, but that’s been down to getting to grips with a new job. The upside of this is that I am having to experiment with a few new techniques, which I can then share here.  I am now teaching functional skills, building up the writing skills of students enrolled on Further Education courses. One of the skills that learners find really tricky is summarising – Copy and paste is just too easy, and too tempting. This post shows a technique that I have used to try and break the CTRL-C, CTRL-V dependency. Continue reading “YouTube Dictation”

Cliffhanger Studios for ESOL – Digital Storytelling Resource

Digital storytelling is increasingly being used in language teaching; as is usually the case, Wikipedia is quite a good source of information on this topic. There are loads of online tools out there that you can use – I’d recommend having a look at Nik Peachey’s blog as well as @europeaantje ‘s toolshed site. Continue reading “Cliffhanger Studios for ESOL – Digital Storytelling Resource”

Wikis for Writing Development

Looking out of the front of City Hall

I’ve posted before about how Moodle forums (or any forums) can be used to develop students writing. Another simple tool that I often with students at a number of different levels is the Wiki activity in Moodle. However the techniques should work in most wikis. Continue reading “Wikis for Writing Development”