Learner SMS polls: Poll Everywhere

Poll everywhere - Natecla London
Poll Everywhere from Natecla London event

At the recent Natecla London e-ESOL event I demonstrated a text polling/text wall activity that seemed to raise a bit of interest. It’s called Poll Everywhere and I’ve only ever used it in presentations to teachers, but it’s started me thinking about how I could use this with learners. Continue reading “Learner SMS polls: Poll Everywhere”


Students vs iPhone

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Listen with your Phone

Decoding Sound

Since attending a talk on developing listening skills by Philida Schellekens, I have really been thinking about the way I teach listening. The talk is detailed in this post and is based on this report. The key part of Schellekens’ findings is that too much effort in language teaching (especially within the UK Skills for Life curriculum… another story) is spent on comprehension of spoken words, rather than on decoding the stream of language into those words. Continue reading “Students vs iPhone”

Natecla Presentation – Using Digital Recording with ESOL Students

Here’s a link to the presentation that I used in my session at the NATECLA Conference 2010, containing all the links I mentioned during the workshop:

And here are a couple of links on my blog which relate to the subject:


https://classroom201x.wordpress.com/2010/02/07/using-digital-video-recording-with-esol-students/ Continue reading “Natecla Presentation – Using Digital Recording with ESOL Students”

Using digital video recording with ESOL students

This is an action research project I carried out for the Subject Learning Coach Training programme, on the use of video recording in the ESOL classroom. I’ve been starting to learn Framemaker and have created a PDF that you can download here: VideoActionResearch. Continue reading “Using digital video recording with ESOL students”