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I have written a couple of posts on how to use SmartNotebook which you can find here: Useful features in Smart notebook and Smart Notebook lesson activity toolkit. They describe some of the tools that I used to create the resources here. I’ve also included a list of links to other sites that can help you.

I have created a number of resources based on the (ex) DFES Skills for Life ESOL teaching materials which are available from:

The materials that I have created are in the V9.7 format, though they should work on v.10 (the latest version)

Smart Notebook v.10 does require you to enter a Smartboard serial number before you can download it – but it doesn’t needs to be installed on a machine that is attached to a Smartboard, as long as you work for an institution that uses SMART hardware, and you don’t use it on a competing product then you are within the terms of the license.

The link is here

However, you can freely download v.9.7 without needing a product key. The licence still requires you to be working for an employer who has Smartboards and not to use it on a competitors device, but that does allow you to use it at home.

The download link is here:

Stop Press: There is now an online viewer for .notebook files (it’s still in Beta, so it doesn’t work perfectly) you can access it here

The resources that I have created are all hosted at, which has a great repository of materials for ESOL/ESL, Adult Literacy and Numeracy classes; this does mean that you will have to register here but this is free, quick and not likely to lead to loads of spam/email hassle. The site also has discussion forums, job and course listings and information about working in the sector.

Due to the restrictions of that particular site (and this one as well) all the resources are in .zip format, you will have to extract them once they are dowloaded. A guide to doing this can be found here or here .

The links to the resources are here:

E1 Unit 9
E1 Unit 9

Getting Started – Entry 1 Unit 1 Skills For Life

Daily Life – Entry 1 Unit 2 Skills For Life

Local Transport – Entry 1 Unit 4 Skills for Life

Neighbourhood – Entry 1 Unit 6 Skills for Life

Homes – Entry 1 Unit 7 Skills for Life

Friends and Family – E1 Unit 8 Skills For Life

Shopping 2 – E1 Unit 9 Skills For Life

Going to Work – E1 Unit 10 Skills For Life

Changes – E2 Unit 7 Skills for Life

Our Lives – E3 Unit 1 Skills For Life

The Health Service – E3 Unit 3 Skills For Life

Getting to know the UK – E3 Unit 4 Skills for Life

Technology – E3 Unit 5 Skills for Life

Lifelong learning – E3 Unit 6 Skills for Life

Local Communities- E3 Unit 7 Skills for Life

E3 Unit 8 – Working Lives

I will try to keep adding to these, in the meantime, please take use, critique, adapt and share them – I hope you find them useful!

If you are interested in Smartboards and designing resources for them, I recommend the following sites:

Please let me know any more you find


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