Getting Creative with Moodle for ESOL learners

Back to a topic which is becoming an ‘occasional series’ – What can you do with Prezi and why is it worth using? (see here and here )

This presentation is from a professional development session I led at another local college this week. NB the links link to examples on my Moodle courses – you won’t be able to access these; where resources were created for this session, I have made and included screencasts – I haven’t done this for examples of student work for obvious reasons.

The session was about sharing ideas of best practice for using Moodle/VLEs creatively with ESOL learners – I was focussing on what could be done, rather than showing how to do it (there was a hands-on practical session after mine showing people how to do these things for themselves). You can see my session plan here: Moodle for ESOL Session plan and the handout here: Moodle for ESOL Handout.

If you have read my other posts on Prezi, you may remember that I think a possible advantage of the application is that you can create a non-linear presentation file which can be accessed outside the session according to the interest of participants. This is the closest that I have managed to get to this idea so far, the presentation is organised as a mind map with no specific beginning and end and more content than I could show in a 90 min session. The idea being that participants could return to it, find a part they were particularly interested in and look at in more depth (see here for more on mindmaps). Part of the reason I’m posting it here is to see if that works, or is worthwhile – let me know what you think in the comments below.

Having said that, I had a linear plan for my session (see the session plan) and used a linear path through the presentation. This meant the session followed my plan – the next thing to try would be to continue to develop the Prezi file and try giving a truly non-linear presentation “OK, what would you like me to show you next…?” (Prezi for Dogme, anyone?) – whether that would be useful or desired by session participants (or learners in class) is another question, of course….

Anyway the topics I planned to look at were the following:

  • ‘Moodle Techniques’ you can use across the VLE:
    • Internal and External Linking
    • Embedding Content
    • Uploading Audio and Video files
    • Adding labels
  • Forums – for :
    • practising specific language points
    • to facilitate interaction with online content.
  • Wikis & Assigments – for tracking, assessing and giving formative feedback to learners.
  • Feedback – to allow learners to reflect on audio or video files that they have created.
  • BDC e-templates (read more here) – interactive exercises

I intend to keep adding to this as I think of more things – but I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas – I’d be really grateful for any comments you could add below.


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