Suggestions and Requests: Getting the best from Prezi

Time for a new blog post… I’ve written before comparing Prezi and PowerPoint, then I didn’t have access to a projector for a year, so I couldn’t really use it much. Now I’ve got the kit again I can give it a whirl (and a zoom).

One of the things I’ve always thought Prezi should be good for is producing content for learners to self-access. I’m trying to think how I can improve this in the resources I produce. The Prezi shared here is based on the much-maligned Skills for Life ESOL resources. I think tat ‘s fine as a resource to display through a data projector, but I’m not sure how to make it a bit more suitable for independent study.

I’ve tried to make sure that these resources embrace the non-linearity allowed by Prezi by providing labels for each section and allowing users to easily zoom to the desired section. Adding useful links,that were not included in he lesson would be useful here for learners self-access should they wish to explore the topics further.

How would you use Prezi to promote independent learning?

Copyright info: The pre-existing resources that are used here are Crown Copyright, but “Extracts from this item may be reproduced for non-commercial or training purposes on the condition that the source is acknowledged”; The source is The comparative images are my own. The videos have been embedded from YouTube and are copyright of their respective creators – does anyone know know what the copyright implications are for embedded videos? Does the fact that someone has chosen to allow embedding mean that you can do so?

6 thoughts on “Suggestions and Requests: Getting the best from Prezi

  1. Prezi is a very eye-catching tool and can be used for much more than just a presentation tool. Have you tried saving a screencast of a lesson you present in Prezi, then posting it to YouTube or Vimeo?

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine a potential lesson could go something like this:

    1) Make a Prezi
    2) Screen-record your ‘walk’ through your Prezi (aimed at your students)
    3) Have a list of questions or scavenger hunt that students will need your full Prezi to complete

    You can hide Easter Eggs in the Prezi along with the content they need to move about the map to see. The beauty of the Prezi mind-map is that your students can go off-path and travel around your presentation independently, not to mention asynchronously.

    I like where you’re heading with the independent activity idea using Prezi. Let me know what kind of lesson you end up building!

    Billy :]

  2. I demoed Prezi to a group of teachers, the other day and they reception was quite cool. I’ve used Prezi mainly in class as a presentation tool but I like the idea of using it for independent study – I should have read this blog before I presented it to them!!! How has Prezi been received in your organisation?

    1. There’s not been any ‘official’ response, but I know a few people who have been using it, with generally positive feedback.

      The key thing with a new tool like this, is to try and find what it can do better than PPT – otherwise people won’t use it. I personally think that it’s in the self-access aspect… Though I would be interested to see how it could be harnessed as a non-linear lecture/presentation….

  3. Adding useful links,that were not included in he lesson would be useful here for learners self-access should they wish to explore the topics further.

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