Still here…

This is just a quick post to show that I’m still here- it’s just that blogging has got a bit swallowed up by the summer holiday, my starting a new job, moving house and writing my MSc. dissertation.. Rest assured that normal service will resume at some point in September… In the meanwhile in true US sitcom style: These have been the most popular posts of the last eight months or so… If you missed any of them, you might want to have a closer look or add some comments:

The Blog list – A great big list of blogs that I’ve found – I add them as I find them, then categorise and describe as I get time – please feel free to add any others you think I’ve missed.

Smartboard Resources – Interactive Whiteboard resources, primarily for ESOL/EFL – again please add any links, hints or tips that you may have.

Prezi vs Powerpoint – How are they different, and how can they best be used.

Resource Sites – Links to sites with resources for teaching. Simple really.

Presentation from Natecla Conference – A Prezi all about using video recording with ESOL students


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