Natecla Presentation – Using Digital Recording with ESOL Students

Here’s a link to the presentation that I used in my session at the NATECLA Conference 2010, containing all the links I mentioned during the workshop:

And here are a couple of links on my blog which relate to the subject:

New ideas

The session went well, I think – mainly because the participants were enthusiastic and full of ideas. The main point of the session was to discuss how this technique could be used in classes (as well as giving eveyone a chance to see how simple the equipment was to use). Here are a selection of the ideas that people came up with:

  • Learners could do a project on their local area and make a video describing or promoting it.
  • Evidence gathering for portfolio-based qualifications.
  • Learners could interview native speakers of English around the college and show these to the class..
  • Students could record a short play or sketch.
  • Videos could be used by learners for self-assessment.
  • Videos could be used to show progress for ILPs and for building up their confidence.
  • One participant had already used video recording on an educational visit – to film the parts they found interesting.
  • They had also used recordings to focus on the idea of politeness in Functional Skills assessments.
  • Leaners could film a tour of college, describing their feelings about different parts of the institution.
  • Learners could be filmed roleplaying job interviews or conversations with a doctor.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part, your contributions made the session work.


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