Blogs Worth a Look at

Embedding Portuguese teaching in the blogosphere 😉


I don’t know where this started, but Mike Harrison ‘tagged’ me in his blog recently as one to look a, so I thought I should continue the chain and recommend people on to other blogs. The problem is (as always) which ten to mention… there are loads more on my blog page – but here are some that I’ve chosen to highlight.

Most ESOL blogs seem to be written by people called Mike, so it seems. It’s worth checking out both. Sadly there are few blogs in the UK ESOL sphere, but this is a good one, which discusses a number of the burning issues in the sector. There’s also plenty of content of general interest for anyone in the ELT sphere.

Another blog from the UK Adult Education sector – This time from Sandra Pires at WAES. This blog is great because it shows how to get the most out of EdTech/e-learning, but does it in a simple, jargon-free, easy to follow way.

A tech-focussed E-Learning blog from James Clay at Gloucestershire College – Learning Technologist of the Year 2009 – a great place to steal ideas from.

A blog dedicated to getting the most out of your interactive whiteboard – as much about the software and techniques as the shiny bits of kit.

Another E-Learning blog, from the UK FE sector – this is a great blog for showcasing new ideas, written by someone with real a passion for e-learning.

A fascinating blog giving an insight into EFL teaching around the world.

A fascinating blog from Sabrina in Buenos Aires – another perspective on English teaching from a different context.

A fascinating, personal and dynamic blog around issues in English teaching today.

An intriguing blog from Clarissa, an American teacher interested  conin Japan.

There’s a lot of EdTech/e-learning on here –  but Nik is probably the best source of new ideas to use in language teaching.


5 thoughts on “Blogs Worth a Look at

  1. Hiya,
    I checked your blog and really liked it.
    I’ve found some useful and ideas, I’ll keep on returning.
    I’m just about to start an English teaching blog, if you have some time you could take a look at it and tell me you opinion.
    Thank you: Reka

  2. Thanks for the mention, and some interesting looking other blogs in the list which I will click on right now!

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