BDC e-templates – Interactive Flash Games

Accessible here, this is a fantastic set of resources for creating interactive exercises and games. I’ve used them for ESOL and also for teaching Spanish, but they are really customisable and could probably used for almost any subject.

They were created by the Content Workshop at Barking and Dagenham College and have been used by staff in a number of areas around the college. You can find more information about the content workshop here:

Category Matching Template
Category Matching Template

Some of them are similar to the Flash games on the BBC Skillswise Website (like this one).

There are a number of different exercises that can be created; click here for examples:

Category sorting


Picture matching


These are just examples, all the text and images can be edited to suit your class and subject, I’ve posted some examples of how I use them here (registration required).

There is a guide to creating them here, basically each template has a ‘learn start‘ file for the students to access the exercise and a ‘teach start‘ file that allows you to import content. Open this file, enter your content and click the save button; for those games with images, you need to rename your images and drop them in the template folder – it’s simple. It’s then easy to zip the file and upload it to a VLE. The games run in a standard web browser.

I’ve used these resources in two main ways – for students to do independent vocabulary practice, using the VLE and as a fun warmer getting students to compete on the interactive whiteboard. Once a resource is created it’s easy to share with colleagues and reuse in the future. I’ve found them a quick, easy and engaging way to give my students extra language practice.


4 thoughts on “BDC e-templates – Interactive Flash Games

  1. Yes, these templates are really useful, and easy and quick to use.
    Can you help! There is a template called ” Spelling 12 MFL edition” at address: “”. This is for learning spelling with sound. It looks a great program. The problem is that I have downloaded it, but I CANNOT get the SOUND to WORK! Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a fault in the software? I would appreciate any suggestions? Many thanks.

    1. I’ve had a look – and I have the same problem – there is a note in the help file that this worked in IE but not Firefox – however I can’t get it to work in IE either. These resources were all developed quite a few years ago now, so that might be where the problem is coming from. I’m afraid I wasn’t involved in creating these resources, so I don’t know much about the technical side.

  2. Thanks for trying to get it to work. At least I now know that I haven’t done anything wrong. The problem is with the template. I wonder, has anyone else had any problems with any of the other templates? Please let us know if you have?

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