eCPD – LSIS Training

I though I ought to write about the eCPD PDA programme that I’m taking part in. The session I went to in January was an interesting opportunity to get a good idea of what the rest of the programme would be all about and also to get some new ideas.

We used a text wall to start off the session which looked like an interesting resource… I’d need to get my college to pay the £25 annual fee and my students to pay to send me their texts… But I can see that it could be a great feedback or reflection exercise to pull out at the end of a lesson. The site used to power it is

Another tool which also really caught my imagination was etherpad – it just seemed to be a fantastic resource for getting semi-anonymous feedback from students. I’m trying to think how I could use it in a class… Setting up small groups to do some collaborative writing exercises could be useful – I think it would be a bit unmanageable for a whole class set-up. I guess I could also use it for a collaborative webquest activity – If I uploaded or created a grid and then got students to find information and add their own comments, it could lead to an interesting and useful lesson.

I also think that one of the most useful resources around is the programme’s own website – there are loads of resources and information, and a very active forum. The forum seems to be a really good place for ideas to bounce around in at the moment, and while it’s contextualised for the UK FE sector, anyone interested in innovation in teaching and learning should give it a look; you have to register, but it’s worth it!


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